The Branch Pair, Bronze


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Product Description

We made this sculpture from photographs we took at Crewe Toll Fire Station in Edinburgh. Two firefighters who had just returned from a fire call were kind enough to set themselves up as a pair on a high pressure hose (branch) to explain to us how they worked together. The finished statuette is made in an eight inch scale and it is called 'The Branch. It depicts a pair of firefighters directing a high pressure jet of water at the seat of a blaze. The front firefighter is primarily concerned with controlling the jet and checking the close frontal proximity for threats and possible stances. The rear firefighter maintains the link with the backup crew and is the pair's, longer range, eyes and ears, assimilating their position and effectiveness.

The sculpture is very popular within the British Fire and Resuce Service as colleagues retirement gift. We include a fully engraved brass plate which has up to three lines of engraved text. We are very used to making up farewell figurines from colleagues, members of a fire station watch, from the fire station you work at or simply from your family and loved ones.

The wooden bases are always included with the sculpture and our delivery is usually around a week.